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Are YOU Writing A BOOK? 

There are so many things to know... and so many things new authors don't know they need to know.

Don't make the same mistakes that I (and so many others) did - which result in fewer sales and in a book that could be better.
I've worked with a lot of aspiring, new, and seasoned authors. I see the same mistakes made over and over.

1 - No clear understanding of the timeline and process
2 - No clear understanding of their target market audience and how to find them
3 - No clue what metadata is and how to use it to increase sales
4 - Lack of understanding of what a good launch takes
5 - They try to do it all on their own,don't use the experts they should, and the end product looks terrible

Let's not allow these things to happen to you!

In this FREE 5-Day Boot Camp, I go through each of these areas, explain what they are and teach you what you need to do to maximize each of these areas.
Because we all want to sell high-quality books, and I want to keep you from making the mistakes I made and I see others making.
In this free 5-day challenge we cover:
  • The timeline and key activities so that you can plan a realistic launch day and give yourself achievable goals and milestones
  • How to identify your target market to buy your book
  • The metadata - what is it, where do you use it, and how does it help you bring more readers to your book?
  • The book launch¬†
  • The quality end-product - who you need and what you need to have an amazing book
  • I include worksheets, a tutorial, and plenty of information to help you learn about these key items for publishing your book!
Count me In!
5 Day Author Boot Camp
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